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Out and about

ConVet’s line of insect repellents includes products for human use as well as for use on horses and dogs. The formulations owe their broad spectrum of activity to the active ingredient Icaridin, which repels insects such as (tropical) mosquitoes, (biting) flies and ticks.

Sun Protection

The newest members of the Icaridin product family are the Sun 2-in-1 SPF20 and SPF50 formulations – as transparent oils and silky lotions. The formulations contain 15% Icaridin and state-of-the-art UV-A/B filters. The formulations are easy to apply, feel comfortable, are non-greasy and non-ghosting. Of course, the formulations comply with cosmetic regulations and the SPF values have been tested according to EN ISO 24444:2020. In addition, ConVet’s Icaridin product range also includes a product with 30% Icaridin as well as a light and nourishing aftersun lotion with 15% Icaridin and a range of high-quality, skin-friendly components.

Innovative application

Icaridin, also known as Saltidin, Picaridin or Hepidanin, is recommended by the WHO for malaria prophylaxis due to its superior efficacy against mosquitoes. Unlike DEET or IR3535, Icaridin is compatible with most materials, including plastic. We offer our products in classic pump-spray bottles, or as innovative bag-on-valve sprays. The bag-on-valve technology operates on compressed air and allows a 360° application even on very large surfaces.

Centaura® - the pioneer

The best-known product in our Icaridin range is Centaura®. It contains 20% Icaridin and can be used on humans, horses and dogs. Applied evenly to the skin, it protects against mosquitoes for up to 8 hours, biting flies (e.g. horseflies) for up to 5 hours and ticks for up to 4 hours. The pleasantly scented spray is quiet, efficient and easy to use. It doesn’t leave any oily residue on skin or fur. Centaura® and its private label siblings are available in various countries.

After-Bite Roll On

This compact and lightweight Roll On is the perfect accessory for small pockets, purses and travel pharmacies to provide quick relief from an insect bite while on the go. The 15 ml bottle with built-in metal-ball applicator and effective formula provides both immediate and long-term relief: The metal-ball applicator instantly cools and soothes the skin. The formula contains skin-soothing, anti-inflammatory and cooling ingredients that penetrate the skin and further reduce the effects of the insect bite.
The After-Bite Roll On has been dermatologically tested and is safe for use on children.

ConVet G5+ Hand Disinfection

Hygienic hand disinfection plays an important role in preventing the transmission of harmful pathogens commonly found on hands. However, the intensive use of products containing alcohol often leads to dry, cracked skin. The unique formulation of ConVet G5+ contains a patented combination of active ingredients that provides optimal efficacy while containing only very little alcohol. Our innovative product is skin-compatible and has been dermatologically tested (Dermatest 2021, excellent result).
Application and safety
ConVet G5+ contains effective skin moisturizing ingredients and is easy to spread on the hands. The product does not leave a sticky feeling. It has a light medicinal odor that supports its efficacy profile. It is otherwise free of perfumes and preservatives. ConVet Hand Disinfection contains 16 g of n-propanol and 4 g of ethanol. Please do not swallow the solution or concentrate and avoid contact with eyes. Keep disinfectants out of reach of children.
Microbiological efficacy
The highly effective formulation has passed the required test procedures according to the latest European standards (EN) at the accredited German laboratories Hygiene Nord and Labor Enders & Partner.
Ready-to-use solution and concentrate
ConVet G5+ is available in convenient pocket-sized dispensers (100 ml) for everyday use by consumers and professionals, and in bulk packs (1 L, 5 L) for distribution from stationary dispensers and for refill purposes. To reduce transport volume and allow B2B customers to fill the product at their location, ConVet G5+ is also available as a concentrate solution. Clear instructions are provided on how to finish the product by adding liquid components to create a ready-to-use solution.
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