Arab Health 2023

Business Development

as service for the (veterinary) pharmaceutical area
We choose unusual perspectives and focus on products with high value chain. We offer our partner companies the Business Development service that best fits their needs. From creative scouting to the finished branded product. You decide which steps we take on for you.

Our Strength – your Gain

Our work is defined by creative and perceptive approaches. We strive to discover new ways to improve existing processes and routines to quickly get our partners’ products on the market.
We think from the end product, always looking for strategies to add value for our partners. Key methods are:
Finding new combinations of known active ingredients to create unique products
Bringing together application areas that are unusual in this combination
Making use of innovative technologies (e.g. for administration of drugs)
Improving formulations

Creative Scouting

For our partners world-wide, we search for innovative API combinations, new formulations and technologies, focusing especially on animal health and biocides.
Research & Development
We pursue unusual approaches, research and develop new products for you from innovative combinations of known active ingredients, with improved formulations as well as new technologies.
We methodically take care of the required studies for regulatory purposes and registrations, while taking into account the various country-specific market conditions. Here, too, we meticulously look for new perspectives on existing routines to bypass hurdles and drive processes forward for our partners.
We coordinate production, packaging and transport of our products in close cooperation with our partners. You decide if you want to receive finished goods or bulk material for processing at your own site.
You as our partner company distribute our products in your core markets – be that the EU, USA, Canada, Asia or South America.
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Creative marketing

You would like a creative all-round carefree package? We offer you a finished product that is already branded and/or equipped with a starter kit of creative marketing materials, depending on your preferences.